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Hostel of Salerno
Quality is our life-style:
we like thinking of it as the attitude of trying to meet our guests's expectations.

And if sometimes we fail… well, that will be an opportunity for improvement.

In 2004 the Ave Gratia Plena became the first in Italy to be awarded the Quality Certificate HI-QUALITY issued by the International Youth Hostel Federation.
Management, Welcome, Food&Beverage, Cleaning, Maintenance&Safety are inspected to ensure conformity with working international standards set by the DJH Akademie.


Our training program has a very precise aim: to welcome all our guests in the best possible way and provide them with all the help they might need.

Our multilingual staff have a deep knowledge of the surrounding area and can advise you on the most interesting attractions.

Our policy is not to have any commercial agreement with tour operators: we prefer being free to suggest the one we think meets your expectations better.

We want to be sure that if we suggest a restaurant, for example, you'll find the best value for money.

But our welcoming does not end at your arrival: whatever you might need, do not hesitate to ask; even at night, our reception is open and fully staffed and a manager is always available, as well.

Accommodation premises are places where thousands of people pass every year, so hygiene, for us, is a very serious matter.

Our rooms are cleaned following the process outlined in our Quality Management System, which includes using professional cleaning products with wide-range anti-bacterial action.

Sanitation and disinfection of the whole premises are carried out on a regular basis and our linen, after going through a well-defined cleaning process is treated in a high-temperature dryer by a certified supplier (ISO 9001:2008).

We take safety very seriously: every room is fitted with electronic locks with unique access and record of most recent events.
The whole premises are under video-surveillance and guarded 24/7 and we offer our guests a free service of secure storage of valuable items at the reception.

With regards to fire safety, we avail of state-of-the-art technology: the premises are equipped with optical smoke detectors, gas detectors and alarmed fire doors. Moreover, almost all the furniture is fireproof or self-extinguishing.

All elevators are fitted with a return mechanism in case of black-out and emergency lighting covers all the premises. Critical systems (plumbing, electrical, fire-safety, elevators) are inspected and certified on a regular basis.

Our staff carries out periodical training sessions on the handling of most common emergencies.

We embarked on a project of energy-saving and environment care a long time ago and we are sure you'll be glad to help us. We separate all our waste in order to recycle the most, we have installed low-energy bulbs and we are gradually replacing all our lighting system with LED technology.

Every floor is equipped with high-efficiency hot-water tanks and thermal windows and we try to reduce the use of plastic to a minimum.

We are working on a "paperless reception" project, to decrease our use of paper and toner substantially.
Finally, most passage rooms are equipped with timed sensor lighting, detecting people passage.

All food strictly follows the cold chain and is handled according to HACCP safety procedures.

A professional company carries out regular assessments and lab analysis to issue a precise and helpful document evaluating any possible risk.
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